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Magicien for kid parties, birthdays, events
Maceió, Alagoas (Brasil)

Magician for parties. Magic shows.
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Magic , comedy and much more !

Outdoor/Indoor | Magic comedy theater show


J. Rojo travel with a small suitcase full of huge illusions.

He plays with magic, juggling and comedy. He creates illusions through pantomimes and make you feel the magic with handkerchief, cards, ropes, rings, ... and many more of the classic magic tricks that have thrilled audiences for centuries.

Combining numerous circus and theatrical techniques, showing that the prestidigitation,clown, juggling, poetry and stories created for himself a genuine space of communication for the whole family and the rest of the people.

Magic Magicien, shows in Maceió, Alagoas, Brasil

Magic kids parties entertainement in Maceió, Brasil

Yes, I do birthdays and children's parties. It is one of my specialties.

What do I do?

I have a character that is a mixed between a clown and a magician. I don`t put make up, before I used to wear make up but when I arrived to the house, the small kids began crying (oh no a strange in my house and has make up!)

I do magic, balloon modelling, juggling, pantomime and so on.

Magician for kids parties. Magic Clown. Ballon modelling. Birthdays and kids parties

There is a lot of children participation and special present and surprise for the person who is the birdthay. At the end of the show I give ballons for every kid (dogs, swords, rabit, hearts...)

I don´t do games like the chair game or things like this. I don´t do make up eihter

Magic in Maceió. Magicien in Maceió

Duration: 1 h. approximately.

Place :I go to your house, restaurant or wherever you do the party.

Price :If you want to know the price, give me a call

For further information you can E- mail me.

Close Up Magic-Table hopping-Walkabout

A magician working in restaurants, discos, shopping malls,... doing the most wonderful magic tricks with cards, coins and every day use objets. The closest way to see the magic.

magic shows in Maceio